Viva La Vegan

I said I would keep y'all posted on my food escapades in the ATL, soooooo another place that I recommend and have been to a few times is Viva La Vegan. This spot is another restaurant that was highly ranked in Atlanta. The food served is all vegan but don't let that OR the building itself scare you away from visiting.

The food that I tried was pretty good and this is coming from someone who isn't a vegan. I eat a majority plant based diet, but I'm not a full out vegan, and I do occasionally eat seafood and some turkey products. I have to emphasize that because you don't have to be a vegan to enjoy the food.

I wouldn't say it's necessarily the healthiest because a lot of the items are fried. I would categorize the menu as "comfort food." I've had the shrimp poboy, fish poyboy, pea burger, bbq bacon burger, kale salad, dill fries, and sweet potato fries. I also had a small piece of my sister's strawberry oreo cheesecake but it wasn't enough for me to give a fair review on the taste. 👅

My hands down fave is the shrimp poboy! Konjac root is used in place of shrimp. I had never heard of konjac until eating here but it can easily fool you into thinking you're actually eating real shrimp. The taste is slightly different but the texture is very similar to shrimp. The konjac is fried and served on wheat bread topped with kale, tomatoes and their special sauce. 

I love the sweet potato waffle fries! I wasn't too impressed with the dill fries, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt that the taste was lacking due to them not being as fresh since it was near closing time when I picked up my food. The kale salad was good but it was very heavy and a lil bit too salty for me. The bbq bacon burger was good. They use the beyond meat burger which has a similar texture to regular ground beef. Now the pea burger was just okay to me, I wasn't a big fan and probably wouldn't order it again. The fish poboy was decent but it wasn't as flavorful like the shrimp poboy. That's another item I wouldn't order again.

Like I said, don't let the building scare you away either. It's definitely a hole in the wall and the area looks a lil sketchy. However these types of places have the best food. Viva la Vegan is a hidden gem and a black owned business ✊ which I'm proud to patronize and support especially since the service and food is on point. 

I always call in my order because there isn't much space to dine in. When you walk inside the restaurant you will notice a black chalkboard on the wall with the food items of the day listed. I like that they they show which foods are made with soy.

That's my quick review. Definitely try them out if  you live in Atlanta or are just visiting. Even try the food items that weren't my fave because we all have different taste buds. What I didn't like you might love! 

Shrimp (konjac) poboy with dill fries


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