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Will We Still Remember Trayvon?

I took a little hiatus from blogging, but now I’m back to add “my 2 cents” on the Trayvon Martin case. What can I say that hasn’t already been expressed about the outcome of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial? I had to think long and hard about what Trayvon’s story meant to me before I could put into words what I wanted to say.    My initial reaction when I heard the judge read the “not guilty” verdict was shock; I thought at the least Zimmerman would have been charged with manslaughter for taking the life of another person. My second reaction when I heard the verdict was sympathy for Trayvon’s parents. I can’t imagine the pain his family is going through to have to deal with not only losing a child but to also see the person that took their child’s life go free without having to face the consequences of his actions. It’s hard for me to comprehend how an unarmed teen with a bag of skittles and a drink posed enough of a threat to a man to have his life taken away fr