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Mr. "Black-Ice" Bell

    It is hard to believe the year is halfway over. How many of us have actually followed through on the goals and resolutions we made at the beginning of the year?  Most of us repeat the same cycle; we go to sleep on Sunday night, dreading Monday morning, and we wait anxiously for Wednesday to get here because we know it means there are only 2 days left until the weekend. The weekend flies by, and we’re back to another Monday.  It’s a never ending cycle; the majority of us work 40 hours or more a week at a job that overworks and underpays us, and we have absolutely no passion for what we do. Now I don’t hate my job. I actually enjoy what I do, but there is no room for growth where I work. I refuse to get too comfortable because when you become too comfortable, you become stuck; when you become stuck, you will look around and realize that 2 years have turned into 20 years and you’re still in the exact same spot.     One of my biggest inspirations for not settling in life