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Is Cheating Inevitable?

            When most people think about what it means to cheat in a relationship, they automatically think about having sex with another person outside their relationship; but cheating is so much more than just sex. Have you ever made a strong connection with another person while you were in a relationship to the point that you thought about that person frequently and started to develop feelings for that person? What if it got to the point where you started to lose interest in the person with whom you were in a relationship? Have you ever texted or talked on the phone with someone you were attracted to, someone unknown to your man or woman? A lot of people say they have control over how far they will allow a situation to go, but eventually after spending so much time with another person to whom you are attracted and with whom you have a connection, emotions tend to get involved. I think developing a strong emotional relationship with anot

The Best Man Holiday Review

THEN           NOW     Hopefully by now everyone who wanted to see The Best Man Holiday has already watched it; if not, read no further because this post is a SPOILER for the movie. LOL I’m a very harsh critic when it comes to movies, especially sequels because they rarely live up to the original, but Malcolm Lee did a great job comprising this movie. They say quality work takes time, so the 15 years it took to put this sequel out was well worth the wait.                   I waited until I had time to re-watch the original Best Man before I decided to blog about it because I wanted to do a comparison of how the characters changed from the first movie to the sequel. For the most part, all of the characters were pretty consistent with the original. Jordan was still the successful, independent go getter; Murch was still the corny youth advocate that couldn’t keep a secret to save his life, and Lance and Mia were still the picture perfect c