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12 Play (Part 2)

*Be sure to read 12 play part 1 before proceeding with part 2*

I got up, turned around, and to my surprise there were two heads staring back at me.He was butt ass naked! When I say naked, I mean literally “buckey naked”! I was a bit startled. How in the hell did he manage to slip off his clothes without me knowing. It was like the man was a magician because his clothes vanished into thin air. He seemed surprised at my response and irritated.
Look baby, what’s the problem?”
We’re both into it so let’s just finish what we started. You can’t tell me you weren’t into it!”
He started to walk back towards me while I was still sitting on the bed.
Look, you and your friend (I pointed down to the center of his waist) need to stay against that wall.”
By this time he was becoming agitated…..
Baby, we’re both grown and we know what we wantI’m not going to judge you or look at you like a hoe…… you’re just a grown woman that knows what she wants, ain’t nothing wrong with that”
Wow! I couldn’t do anyt…