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The Coldest Winter Ever: My Battle With Depression

Winter was always one of my favorite seasons until last year.  Last winter things had gotten so bad for me that I found myself sitting in front of a therapist hoping she could help me put my life back together. I had been dealing with depression on and off for the past 2 years but it was starting to take a heavy toll on me and prayers and pep talks with friends weren’t helping me cope anymore.  In those two years I experienced a failed relationship, the news of an unexpected health problem, losing my job, and moving to a new unfamiliar state.  A few months into my move I found myself broke, behind on bills and on the verge of having my car repossessed. I just couldn’t figure out how I lost so much control over my life in such a short period of time. If you could rewind my life back three years prior things seemed to be going pretty good for me. I had a second degree under my belt and I was working a job in my field making decent money and just living a normal life for the mo