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His Past Ain't Pretty

I feel sorry for any show that comes on television between 8 pm and 11 pm on Thursday nights because Shonda Rhimes has taken that time slot hostage!  Her hit shows Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy are in their 4th and 11th seasons, and two weeks ago she premiered a brand new series called How to Get Away With Murder. The new show has become my instant fave, replacing my love for Scandal; but that might change once Scandal’s storyline picks up. Last week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder addressed a topic that was so interesting that I had to call some of my girls to get their input.  In the last episode, law student Michaela Pratt found out her fiancĂ© slept with one of her classmates when he was in high school. You might think, Ok that was years ago and everyone has a past BUT the tea is that her classmate is a man. That changes the situation completely. She found out they slept together through the classmate who joked that he could have been the fiancĂ©. Confused by his comment, Mich…

A Little Taste of Hollywood

Around this time last year I was walking onto the movie set of the 

James Brown biopic Get onUp.  When I found out the movie 

would be filmed in my home state and that a casting company was 

searching for locals to play extras, I just couldn't turn down the 

opportunity to submit for a role even if it was small. I mean how 

many people can look back on their life and say they were in a 

movie especially about a man who was so influential to music 


I was selected to be an extra in 3 scenes; a church scene, a concert
scene, and a club scene. The experience was so exciting and the 

best part was being transformed into a person from a different time 

period. Each day started off with wardrobe, makeup and hair 

styling, and from there the extras were taken to the set for a long 

day of filming. Filming could start at 10 am and not end until 1 am 

the next day. Each scene was filmed from different angles so that 

alone took a few hours. In my concert scene, I had to be a young 

concert goer wh…