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His Past Ain't Pretty

I feel sorry for any show that comes on television between 8 pm and 11 pm on Thursday nights because Shonda Rhimes has taken that time slot hostage!  Her hit shows Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy are in their 4th and 11th seasons, and two weeks ago she premiered a brand new series called How to Get Away With Murder. The new show has become my instant fave, replacing my love for Scandal; but that might change once Scandal’s storyline picks up. Last week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder addressed a topic that was so interesting that I had to call some of my girls to get their input.  In the last episode, law student Michaela Pratt found out her fiancé slept with one of her classmates when he was in high school. You might think, Ok that was years ago and everyone has a past BUT the tea is that her classmate is a man. That changes the situation completely. She found out they slept together through the classmate who joked that he could have been the fiancé. Confused by his comment, Michaela confronted her fiancé who embarrassingly admitted that they did sleep together but insisted that he wasn't gay and it was only a one time thing that just happened.

Hold on… Wait… What? My first thought is if you willingly slept 

with another man, you ARE gay! You can’t have sex with another 

man and say it was no big deal or that it was just a one time 

incident.  Even if it was just once, you still had sex with another 

MAN! Is it more excusable because it happened while he was in 

high school? Have times changed so much now that having casual 

sex with another man is normal to men who consider themselves 

straight? Apparently for some men that is the case; some men look 

at sex as just sex even if it is with another man. I think that makes it 

even more difficult for single women dating and for women already 

in relationships. When getting to know a man now, a woman has to 

ask, “Well, have you ever had sex with another man?” WOW!! The 

struggle is real out here. Michaela decided to stay with her fiancé 

after he assured her that he wasn’t gay and that it would never 

happen again.

My sister asked me if I would have stayed with the fiancé.  My first 

response was, “HELL NO,” but then I thought about it. I guess it’s 

one of those issues that you don’t know how you would handle 

until you’re faced with the situation. When you get engaged to 

someone, you have probably invested a lot of time into that person 

and you love the person, so can you really cut it off that easily? Do 

you just believe him when he tells you it was only a one time 

incident and that he is not gay? I would be so skeptical going into a 

marriage like that because in the back of my mind I will always 

wonder if he is really gay and if being with me is just a cover. Does 

he secretly desire to be with another man or maybe both women 

and men and is just too afraid to live that life publicly?

What would you do in this type of situation? Add your two cents 


Michaela finds out about Aiden's past


  1. That mofoer is gay if he slept with another man period. I don't care what anyone say in order to sleep with someone you have to be sexually attracted to them and if a man is sexually attracted to another man he is gay.

    1. Not necessarily, a lot of people have sex with ppl they aren't sexually attracted to. Guys have sex with women they aren't sexually attracted to all the time and I'm sure a lot of women do too. At my last job there was a department that studied "MSMs" (men that sleep with men) and the majority of them would say they weren't gay, they just had sex with other men occasionally.

      I was shocked because my first thought was you gotta be gay if you're sleeping with another man. Women out number men so there are so many more options for men if they wanted to get it in! Sooooo why a man would choose to have sex with another man when he could easily get it from another woman THROWS me off!

  2. Homosexuality: sexual desire or behavior directed towards someone of the same sex.

    Obviously the guy is gay and to actually trust him after omitting that kind of information is beyond foolish. Everyone has their own perception of reality, and in this guy's reality, banging guys is considered straight.

  3. Chile he's gay! If he had the urge to sleep with a man once who's to say he won't have that urge again? Better to get out before than the marriage than to find out after years of marriage that he's still sleeping with men. Get out...NOW!


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