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12 Play (Part 2)

*Be sure to read 12 play part 1 before proceeding with part 2*

 I got up, turned around, and to my surprise there were two heads staring back at me.  He was butt ass naked! When I say naked, I mean literally “buckey naked”! I was a bit startled.  How in the hell did he manage to slip off his clothes without me knowing. It was like the man was a magician because his clothes vanished into thin air. He seemed surprised at my response and irritated.

            Look baby, what’s the problem?”

We’re both into it so let’s just finish what we started. You can’t tell me you weren’t into it!”

He started to walk back towards me while I was still sitting on the bed.

            Look, you and your friend (I pointed down to the center of his waist) need to stay against that wall.”

 By this time he was becoming agitated…..

Baby, we’re both grown and we know what we wantI’m not going to judge you or look at you like a hoe…… you’re just a grown woman that knows what she wants, ain’t nothing wrong with that”

Wow! I couldn’t do anything but laugh to myself. He was talking to me like I was 17 years old. Only a little girl or a naive woman would fall for those tired lines. I put back on my shirt and shoes as he stood there in disbelief that I did not fall for what he was saying. He looked so pathetic watching me head back towards the front. It was so awkward and uncomfortable in his apartment by that point. He quietly walked back to the front, picked up my purse, and unlocked the door so that I could leave. He was basically putting me out of his apartment. I turned around and looked at him.

            So it’s like that?

The soft tone of his voice was now harsh. “Yea it’s like that…….hell, you ruined the mood. Unless…

I looked at him like he was crazy. “Unless what?!”

He stuck out his tongue and slowly put his hand down his boxers.

Oh hell no!”

I snatched my purse out of his hand and made my way back upstairs to my apartment. I had mixed feelings of anger, amusement, and agitation.

Are there any decent men left in the world?” I asked myself as I dropped to the couch.

 I pulled out my phone so I could text my friends and let them know about this “great guy” they insisted that I get to know. Before I could finish composing my message, I saw that Diego sent me a text. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read what the text said:

Could you at least come back down to my apartment and jack me off as a courtesy?

“Did this man really text me some shit like this?”

I was literally stunned. I laughed until I couldn’t breathe.

            Man, I know how to pick them.”

The next night while pulling into my apartment complex I noticed a young lady around my age going into his apartment. Diego opened the door wearing the same wife beater and boxers that he had on the night I was over. The side window to his apartment was up and the blinds were open. Out of curiosity I decided to listen to their conversation. I peeked into the window and noticed that he had the same setup from the night before. The room was dark and aligned with lit candles. I also noted the dim light coming from his bedroom. I saw him walk out of the kitchen with drinks in his hand.

Well just to let you know…….. It’s custom at my place for first time guests to take a shot with me.”

I had to cover my mouth from laughing out loud.

I guess he runs this same game on everyone

I watched in amazement how he interacted with her. It was like watching a scene from a movie on replay. He popped in the R. Kelly dvd and they toasted before taking shots. I saw both of them stand up and head to his bedroom.  As I made my way back upstairs to my apartment I thought to myself, I know she is not going to fall for that.

The next morning while taking out the trash, I saw the same lady coming out of his apartment. He kissed her on the forehead and she waved bye to him before getting into her car to leave. I guess he felt me staring at him because he spun around with a smirk on his face. He stuck his hand down his boxers again and showed me his tongue, then he walked back into his apartment and closed the door.

Ass hole!”

I guess he made it to 12 play with her.


  1. BWAHHHH!! But aren't you at work why are you posting on work time do I need to call your boss!! LOLOL

  2. *Rick Ross voice* I'm my own BOSS around here hun! lol

    1. I'm sorry for my transgressions!

  3. this is the most hilarious stuff i have read all day lol ash. buddy was like hahahahaha


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