Tassili's Raw Reality Cafe

Another one for the books! Since my diet has become more plant based, I've been experimenting and trying out more vegan and vegetarian spots around Atlanta. Tassili's  Raw Reality Cafe was yet another restaurant that was highly ranked and recommended. I read reviews and heard from some people that the food was bomb!! I'm always skeptical when something is over hyped,but I tried Tassili's out for myself and I thought the food was delicious!

Like the name reads, the foods served at the restaurant are raw. The business specializes and is known for their kale, especially the wraps. I eat kale all the time but the kale at this place is none like I have ever tasted! It is amazing!

Tassili's is located in the historic west end area of ATL. The restaurant which is an exotic looking house is a vibe in itself. The exterior of the place matches the interior. I've been there a few times and the energy is always the same; good music and a friendly staff that always greets everyone as king or queen. I dig that! It's also another black owned business. The owner is Tassili Ma'at, I haven't had a chance to meet her yet but hopefully I can catch her when I go back again. One of Tassili's goals is to help people achieve optimal health. Places like Tassili's  shows that eating healthy doesn't mean tasteless and bland.

Fortunately I've gotten lucky and been able to go to the restaurant without the line being outside the door. I heard on average most people wait over an hour to eat but I really think it depends on what day of the week and time you go. A weekday around 3pm seems to be a good time to avoid the crowds.  

So far I've had the punany wrap and the south of the border wrap. Both are really good but the punany still stands as my fave! It's a spinach wrap filled with kale of your choice (I always choose the mild kale because I can't handle too much heat 😛), soy mayo, avocado, tomato, sweet coconut corn, and karamu couscous. You can get the wraps as a half or whole, but trust me the half is all you need because the portion size is so big!

The south of the border wrap has the essence of a taco without the meat. It's more on the savory side compared to the punany wrap which is sweet.  South of the border is a chilli wrap filled with kale of your choice, black eyed pea hummus, moroccan couscous, avocado and tomato. I heard there is a story behind each wrap. I think the next time I decide to go I will inquire especially about the punany and mandingo wraps 😀.

If you're in Atlanta check out Tassili's even if you're a meat eater.

Punany wrap


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