Just Checking In.....

Ya'll it has been soooooo long since I've written anything on this site! I don't know who out there follows my personal blog but I just wanted to check in and say hello and update ya'll on what has been going on in my crazy world. 

I've been channeling all my creativity and writing into my new blog that I created two years ago with my twin sis called The Double Scoop. Check it out here! Both of us have been blogging individually since about 2012 but we decided to put our twin brains together and create something much bigger than just a blog. We are trying to build an empire and leave a legacy....ya dig? Both of us are lovers of music and film so our new blog focuses on that as well as lifestyle/personal topics like I write on this blog. We cover events and spotlight people making moves as entrepreneurs and just creatives in general putting in work for their passions and hustles. 

Our blog/media company is really growing and I'm proud of the progress. I'm not going to write a book on my first post since being gone for so long,but I'm going to do better with posting more consistently. I think I'm going to revamp the look of this site too. I have so much to share so stay tuned! I hope ya'll have been doing well. I'll be back soon! Much love!!


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