Millennium Tour 2019

Hey y'all!

I've been gone for a minute but I'm BAAAACK!  Seeing that I wrote my last post back in 2017 😲.... I have decided that I'm going to stop setting a goal to be more consistent with posting on this blog. LOL! I'll just drop a line when I can. I might finally start vlogging, who knows. "My 2 Cents and a Biscuit" will always be my baby though because it was a way to keep my love for writing alive once I finished school and joined the daily 8 to 5 grind. I'll talk about how the working grind can make us lose our passions in a later post though. Today I want to talk about The Millennium Tour!!

Sooo it was announced at the end of last year that the Millennium Tour was happening. When I saw the line-up my adrenaline started rushing! These were artists that practically made up the soundtrack to some of my high school and early college years. B2K, Mario, Pretty Ricky, Chingy, Lloyd, Bobby Valentino, and the Ying Yang Twins all on one stage! I made it my mission to be at one of those shows lol! There was a show on me and Amy's birthday in Atlanta that we originally planned to go to but of course when you're trying to plan anything with a group of friends nobody has their money together. 😒 By the time everyone had their money all the decent seats were taken. Luckily another show was added and there were still plenty of good seats that were reasonably priced. We bought our tickets and patiently waited for the day of the show.

We attended the April 4th show at the State Farm Arena in ATL and it was lit!! 💥💥 I mean I'm still on a high and don't want to come down. I really did not want the night to end. I was a little sad when the show was over, I guess because it gave me such a nostalgic feeling. It took me back to those carefree days before "adulting" consumed our lives. Just being there with my sister and longtime friends listening to music that coincided with so many special memories over the years made me a little emotional. And it was so special because the show ended a little after midnight, so we brought in our birthday there. It was definitely a celebration of life. Remembering the good ole days but still looking forward to what’s to come from the years ahead.

At first I was salty because we were late getting to the show, so we missed Chingy, Bobby V and Lloyd. I think I was the most upset about missing Chingy because I wanted to do the chicken head like I use to back in the day. I got over it though. The show overall was an amazing experience for anyone that were fans and who grew up to these artist's music. Mario had a really good set. I forgot how great of a performer he was and how well he could sing. He glowed up and got sexy on us! Pretty Ricky was on point too. Their set brought back a lot of memories. Their Late Night Special album reminded me of when me and Amy got our first car that we had to share. It was a white Dodge Stratus. We loved that car! Ohhhhh the memories. Keith Sweat who I didn't really care to see made an appearance. Bow Wow and YoungBloodz hit the stage for a second too.  The Ying Yang twins got the crowd turnt up with their classics.

Between sets a comedian walked through the crowd randomly giving the mic to people who wanted to show off their vocals. It was hilarious to see how many people wholeheartedly felt they could actually sing. Some of the people were talented though and they tried to use the moment to get discovered. lmao

The show ended with B2K. Me and Amy were stans for them back in the day! J-Boog was my favorite and Omarion was Amy’s. The group picked up right where they left off 15 years ago. I remember seeing them for the first time when I was in high school and to see them present day was epic! Their dancing was still on point, but you could hear them breathing hard in the mics! LOL! They didn't hide that they were tired, but it was still a great performance. The boys.... well men all still looked good too! It was definitely a night to cherish and remember.

4/4/19 Millennium Tour Atlanta, GA


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